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1:1 Personal Coaching

I offer an initial 30 minute (no obligation) conversation for free to anyone interested in finding out more about how my coaching programmes can help them.

Working Together

'Ultimate Career

Confidence' Programme


  • This is for you if you lack confidence in various areas of your current role, you want to make more of an impact at work or perhaps you want to go for promotion but something's stopping you.

  • Maybe you doubt your leadership 'style', your ability to communicate effectively, you want to build up more resilience  or you just feel like an imposter - someone's going to discover you really can't do your job. 

  • Perhaps feeling like this has left you stressed, anxious and you're not enjoying your career as much as you could be. 

  • You want to believe in yourself, show others what you are truly capable of, you just need some coaching support to increase your confidence.

Colleagues Working Together

'Confidence To Change

Career' Programme


  • You've fallen out of love with your job (if you ever loved it in the first place)! You dread going to work more than looking forward to it. You know it's not the career path for you any more and you want to make big changes, but you don't know what or how. 

  • One thing you do know is you've had enough of feeling this way. You're ready to tackle your career unhappiness head on. You're ready to do the work in figuring out what you really want. That negative inner-chatter that's trying to keep you in your comfort zone can go away. You WILL find a career you love, and you're commited to taking the steps towards it.

Working in a Sunny Office
Lecture Presentation

'The Confident




  • No more hiding away. You're tired of wishing you had the confidence to speak up in meetings, lead presentations or show up on camera. Your nerves and lack of belief in your communication ability has been holding you back, but you're ready to share your message, expertise and knowledge, loud and proud. 

  • This is for you if speaking in front others in teams, in presentations or creating video content to camera is part of your job and it's leaving you anxious and fearful.

  • You want to show up and speak as an authority on the subject matter. You want to inspire and help people with what you've got to say and you know you can do it, but just need some expert support and guidance.

What my clients have to say...


“Natasha went the extra mile to encourage and support me through believing in myself enough to go ahead with what I had initially thought were far-fetched career goals. She helped me to believe in myself and helped me to break my goals down so they were much less overwhelming and more achievable. Looking back at where I started, compared to where I am now, I have come so far in not only building up my own business, but I have so much more self-belief and confidence now. ” Penelope C, author and business owner

“I am learning more about myself than I could have imagined! Natasha is great at bringing my very busy mind to a centred place and is teaching me how to break down what feels like impossible goals into granular, thought-out steps to execute. She has helped me with work-life balance, boundary setting and tackling my stressful job in a better way that doesn’t leave me overwhelmed. She has so much patience and creates a space of acceptance and self-exploration. Thank you for everything- I enjoy our sessions so much!” - Sabian R, Program Manager


As a small business owner, I knew that I needed to make more promotional videos. Though I would consider myself to be a natually relaxed and confident person, for some unknown reason I became rigid and unnatural in front of a camera. Natasha put me at ease immeditely, breaking down each sesssion into easy to follow managagble chunks and used practical techniques and tips to help me progress. By the time we had finished I was a much more confident and eloquent speaker than I thought possible. I would thoroughly reccommend Natasha to anyone looking to improve their confidence especially around making speeches or presentations. - Ian -business owner


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