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Helping You To Communicate Confidently & Unlock Your Professional Potential!



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Hi there, I’m Natasha, a qualified Career Confidence & Communication Coach.
I help people who want to develop their mindset & skillset to be more confident in their professional lives- from enhancing their presentation or public speaking skills, to developing more executive presence as a leader, or  developing their self-belief & interview skills to go after that dream role. Whatever it is, I can help you to banish those nerves & limiting beliefs, so you realise your true potential and create the kind of professional (and personal) life you've always wanted.  If you're ready to step into a more confident you, hit PLAY on the video below and get to know more about how I can help you. 

"Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself."

-Roy T. Bennett

-Roy T. Bennett

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How Can Coaching Help Me?


Is lack of confidence, self-doubt or limiting beliefs holding you back in your career? Is it stopping you from speaking up and sharing your ideas? Maybe you're not saying yes to the professional opportunities you know will help you achieve your full potential?


How much would you LOVE to :

  • Speak in meetings, presentations or on camera with confidence, clarity & charisma?

  • Be a leader who oozes authority & executive presence and can motivate, inspire and improve their team's performance & productivity? 

  • Handle challenging situation, people & conversations effectively?

  • Sell yourself confidently in a job interview

  • Ditch the imposter syndrome and believe in your true professional ability?

  • Have the confidence to go for that job promotion, career change, or start that business you've always wanted to?

  • Communicate effectively, authentically & engage with your audience easily?

  • Feel more confident & believe in yourself every day?

If any of this resonates with you, but you're not sure how to get it, then career confidence coaching can help. 

With confidence, ANYTHING is possible! And not only do I believe it, but I know how to make it happen!

Just like any skill, confident communication is something that can be learnt, practised and mastered! I'm here to stop your lack of self-belief from getting in the way of you having the success and fufilment you want in your career.

Using a combination of coaching questions, NLP and practical confidence tools & techniques, I will help you believe that you CAN achieve anything you set your mind to!


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What my clients have to say...


"I have a 30+ year old school report commenting on my lack of confidence so when I came to Natasha to help with this area, it wasn’t a small task.  With Natasha’s guidance she enabled me to learn to think differently and put in place actions which were showing benefits after the first session.  The difference in my level of confidence is noticeable and my outlook has dramatically changed.  Natasha truly worked a miracle and has the skills to enable life changing results."

- Hannah P - Assistant Planner

"Natasha has changed my professional career life! I have overcome my imposter syndrome and am so confident that my company has put me forward on projects. I can speak confidently at events and to customers. Thank you for everything- I will always be grateful." - Natasha D.A - Key Account Manager

"I reached out to Natasha at a time where my unhappiness in my career was having an effect on all parts of my life. I thought I had exhausted all options and was getting too old to find a career I would love. Natasha was kind, enthusiastic and had a plan for me! I felt like I was making progress from the very start. She encouraged me to try different methods that I had discounted previously, With a new approach I took actions I wouldn't have before and I start on Monday as COO in an Event Company, Quite literally my dream job."

Lauren K, Chief Operating Officer

Natash'sa coaching style has been a game-changer for me as a non-native speaker. Her expertise in identifying and addressing my intonation and pronunciation issues has had a profound impact. Her patience, dedication, constructive feedback, and flexible approach boosted my confidence. I highly recommend Natasha to any non-native speaker seeking outstanding support in enhancing their communication skills. Paulina K, Tech Recruitment 


“Absolutely amazing! I've gained more confidence in many areas of my life most importantly in my current work role.  Natasha is just magic. I looked forward to every session as she made me feel completely at ease. I trusted her with my feelings and emotions which is a great space to be in with your Coach. Everyone needs a Natasha in their life!”

- Christina M, Senior Global Client Services Manager


 Though I would consider myself to be a natually relaxed and confident person, I became rigid and unnatural in front of a camera - not helpful when as a small business owner, I had to make promotional videos. Natasha put me at ease immeditely and filled me with confidence that we would overcome my problem together.  By the time we had finished, I was a much more confident and eloquent speaker.  I would thoroughly reccommend Natasha to anyone who is looking to improve their confidence especially around making speeches or presentations. Ian M, Hypnotherapist


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